Fashion and Legacy: A Recipe for a Tailor’s Success

Raymund, tailor extraordinaire and proud member of Tahche Studios, boasts of a wonderful journey embroidered with the vibrant colors of family, tradition, and global vision.

From his early days learning the craft from his parents to achieving his dreams through hard work, Raymund’s story is one of dedication and sheer love for the art of fashion.

It’s in the Blood: A Legacy of Tailoring 

Raymund’s journey into tailoring began with his parents, who were also tailors. They served as the kindle that lit the fire of his passion for fashion, passing on a legacy and a suite of techniques passed on from one generation to the next.

 “My main inspiration in becoming a tailor is my mother and father because they were also tailors.”

His family then, and his family now greatly shapes his craft. With their shared love for fashion, they serve as foundations of love and encouragement that fuel his passion each and every day.

Precision in Every Stitch

For Raymund, accuracy is everything. 

“The most important thing in making clothes is measurements. I need the correct measurements so I can make the right clothing.”

This meticulous attention to detail ensures that each garment he makes fits perfectly, embodying the essence of bespoke tailoring. When the team needs precision that molds fabric against a client’s unique form, he always steps up. 

Pressing for Perfection 

When it comes to expert tailoring, Raymund cannot emphasize enough the significance of pressing.

 “In tailoring—making a suit for example—pressing is the most crucial process because it ensures good quality.”

This step, often overlooked, is what gives each piece its polished, professional finish, with each stitch placed exactly where it’s supposed to be. And that’s a gold nugget right there that you can only get from an experienced tailor. 

Local Inspiration with Global Impact 

Raymund’s journey and love for creating the most spectacular gowns were also molded by local fashion icons Philip Rodriguez and Danny Booc. 

“My fashion icons, because of whom I first learned how to sew a gown, are Philip Rodriguez and Danny Booc.” 

Their influence helped Raymund grow into the artist he is today, providing that local flair and craftsmanship to his global vision, and bringing his work to new heights.

Achieving Dreams Through Hard Work 

Raymund’s ultimate dream was to create any type of clothing. He was not that picky, as long as he could sew. 

“My ultimate dream was really just to create any type of clothing. Whether it’s for tailoring or creating a gown—anything. And I was able to accomplish that.”

Through relentless hard work and dedication, Raymund has achieved his dream with flying colors, crafting masterpieces that people all over the world wear with pride.

As Raymund continues to create, his journey reminds us that true artistry is a blend of heritage, skill, and the courage to dream big. Tahche Studios is proud to have him as part of our team. 

Watch his full video here:

Roseanne Cruz

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