Making the Cut in Global Fashion With Filipino Talent

Meet Luz, an expert cutter and patternmaker hailing from Cebu City, Philippines. She makes the cut in the global fashion scene as part of the Tahche Studios family. A fashion artist, she pours her heart and soul into every garment she creates, infusing each with Filipino talent and innate style magic — a sure recipe for success!

Creating Masterpieces through the Joy of Pattern Making

Luz’s passion for her craft knows no bounds, especially when it comes to crafting patterns for gowns fit for fairy tales. From elegant wedding gowns to chic party dresses, each design she cuts out of paper and into fabric is infused with creativity and precision.

Adjusting to Every Body

Having had the chance to work abroad, particularly in the Middle East, during her decades-long career presented Luz with unique challenges. Adapting to different body types than those she was used to in the Philippines was no easy feat. Yet Luz’s sheer enthusiasm for her work propelled her forward. 

“I remember when they [clients] saw the gowns I made for them hanging in the fitting room, they wouldn’t believe they were theirs. They would say, ‘Oh, Luz, this is my dress? This cannot be mine!’

But then I just told them to just try them on. They would soon realize that the gowns actually fit and would say, ‘Oh, I love this!’”

Despite initial doubts from clients, Luz’s dedication shone through as she meticulously tailored gowns that fit like a dream.

Simple Elegance: Luz’s Signature Style

While Luz appreciates the allure of flashy designs, her heart lies in simplicity and impeccable fit. There’s an undeniable satisfaction in seeing her creations come to life, seamlessly blending with the curves of the wearer’s body. 

“It’s very interesting when you finish your project and you see that your work looks good — that it fits well not only on the mannequin but also on the body of the customer.“

For Luz, true fulfillment comes from the pride of a job well done.

A Student of the Craft With a Dedication to Excellence

To Luz, the key to excellence lies in perpetual learning and keen observation. She understands that textbook measurements don’t always translate to real-life customers, and she embraces the challenge with open arms. 

“When you study in school, the usual measurements they give include a big bust, a small waistline, and wide hips. But you can’t always apply the same to actual customers. There are people with waistlines wider than their hips, for example. And they would still want to show their waistlines!”

Like a dedicated scholar, Luz studies trends, listens to feedback, and thrives in every opportunity to learn and grow within the industry.  

Trusting in Providence

For Luz, every stitch is a prayer, every garment a testament to her unwavering trust in a higher power. She remains steadfast in her faith—a guiding light in her journey of craftsmanship.

She quotes Proverbs 3:5-6, as she explains how she leans not just on her own understanding but also places her faith in the divine. In doing so, Luz finds solace and strength in her profession.

“Proverbs 3:5-6 states ‘Do not lean on your own understanding. Trust the Lord with all your heart and acknowledge Him in everything that you do, and He’ll make your way perfect.’”

In Luz, Tahche Studios finds not just an expert cutter and patternmaker, but a beacon of Filipino talent and unwavering dedication. Her resilience, adaptability, scholarship, and sheer joy infuse her every stitch, snip, and design, ultimately resulting in beauty and craftsmanship of global standards.

Watch her interview here:

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Roseanne Cruz

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