Women Empowerment Shapes the Future of Fashion

In the world of fashion, women’s empowerment is taking center stage. This powerful movement, driven by the principles of body positivity and inclusivity, is shaping the very essence of the industry. The new era transcends trends and is leaving an indelible mark. At its core, this movement underscores the incredible strength of women in all their forms. 

A Strong Call for Body Positivity

One driving force of the movement is the call for body positivity. It aims to replace rigid beauty standards with self-acceptance for every body type. Yet it doesn’t prescribe a new set of standards that would only serve to alienate other groups of women. Rather the shift fosters confidence and the celebration of individuality, challenging unattainable body ideals. 

More and more indie fashion brands for plus-sized women have popped up as a direct result of this growing demand. Bigger brands like Nike, on the other hand, are now expanding their size range and diversifying the body types of their models and store mannequins

Inclusivity Beyond Sizes

Inclusivity beyond sizes is also a defining factor of the women’s empowerment movement in the fashion industry. 

An increasing number of older women are being featured on magazine covers. Flaming the fires of social media and gaining the admiration of many; for example,  Martha Stewart who graced the Sports Illustrated cover at the age of 81. 

People of different races, ethnicities, and colors are also getting their share of the spotlight with the rise of beauty and fashion icons and superstars. Rihanna recently changed the landscape of beauty by incorporating a wider range of shades to match every woman. The beauty experience and its diversity in makeup is now a dream come true for many as these empowered women start their own makeup brands like Fenty Beauty. 

The fashion industry is now embracing diverse voices and cultures through design as well. Fabrics and garments from all over the world are being introduced into the global fashion arena, telling the stories of their origins and the women (and men) who wear them. 

Empowered and Empowering: The Movement Enters the Business of Fashion

The movement enters the business of fashion as Tahche Studios offers fashion entrepreneurs that aim to empower women, premium yet cost-effective recruitment services. We build them teams that can seamlessly run their fashion business operations. 

As Tahche Studios curates premium teams of seamstresses, cutters, design consultants, accountants, and more for our clients.  We recognize women as matriarchs who support their families beyond maternal obligations. As such, we provide skilled and qualified women of all ages and status in the Philippines employment and a supportive work environment where they can flourish. Within our workspace, age is seen as a wellspring of expertise. And by embracing women of all ages, we foster mentorship and personal growth among our skilled workers and creatives.

While the women’s empowerment movement shapes the future of fashion, Tahche Studios infuses each stitch and pattern with thoughtfulness and a full understanding of the diversity and the intricacies of women’s bodies and psyche. The belief being that confidence is woven into each woman who wears the garments made from our workshop. 

Join the movement and be a champion of women empowerment in fashion.

Contact us today to learn how we can empower your fashion business so you can empower women. 

Roseanne Cruz

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