Fashion Sustainability: Creating Quality Pieces That Stand the Test of Time

As people and society have evolved and become more conscious of the global impact of their actions and behavior, calls for sustainability in fashion have risen. Even renowned brands like Fendi and Dior are jumping on the sustainability bandwagon, incorporating eco-consciousness into their designs and operations.

But let’s take a step back and explore the concept of fashion sustainability.

What is fashion sustainability?

When we talk about sustainability in fashion, we often refer to the longevity of clothing in terms of both make and style. Gone are the days of disposable fashion, where garments are worn for a season and discarded the next. Instead, a new era is dawning — one that champions slow fashion and craftsmanship, intentionally making quality pieces that are made to last.

Making sustainability fashionable

Enter the environmentalists, the true pioneers of making sustainability fashionable. In recent years, sustainability has evolved from being a mere trend to becoming a powerful movement across all ages. The younger generation, in particular, has felt the increased pressure to protect the environment as they grew up with it in a deteriorating state. Case in point, a staggering 66% of Gen Z have expressed their willingness to spend more on sustainable and eco-friendly products.

And while sustainability is a commitment that should be made from the heart, there is no denying the importance of recognizing its benefits from a business perspective. Embracing sustainable fashion is a wise investment and a savvy move to cater to a growing market that will soon dominate the consumer landscape.

Taking on Sustainability in Style

Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of incorporating sustainability into your style game. Contrary to popular belief, sustainability is not just the responsibility of big corporations or fashion powerhouses. In fact, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can play a pivotal role in driving sustainability forward, reshaping the future for the better. With a whopping 90% of businesses falling into the SMB category, they possess the potential to be the driving force behind global sustainability efforts.

Here are some tips for fashion sustainability:

  1. Create timeless designs: When we think of classic designs, we often envision sleek monochromes. However, as a designer with a penchant for innovative styles, you don’t need to limit yourself. Instead, focus on crafting designs that defy the passage of time—pieces that will exude elegance both today and twenty years down the line. Prioritize flattering fits, harmonious color palettes, and complementary patterns.
  2. Embrace the capsule wardrobe aesthetic: By curating a collection with pieces that complement one another, you inspire your customers to mix and match pieces from your brand instead of purchasing a multitude of items from different labels. It’s a brilliant strategy for branding and sustainability all rolled into one.
  3. Prioritize quality over quantity: A fixation on rapid production and low costs often leads to subpar quality pieces that lose their shape, fade in color, and fall apart after a few washes. This is a plague that many prominent fashion brands suffer from today. Instead, direct your efforts toward selecting enduring, high-quality materials—preferably ethically sourced—and invest in skilled craftsmanship by hiring talented artisans who deserve proper compensation. You could even explore the world of custom garments! By doing so, you’ll create stunning pieces that customers will gladly invest in, despite the higher price tag.

Fashion Sustainability for SMBs

If you’re a small and medium-sized fashion business, embracing sustainability and focusing on quality can be a game-changer. By producing garments with intention and purpose, not only do you contribute to a greater cause—making fashion a force for good, but you also attract the growing market of eco-conscious consumers.

And if you’re ready to embark on your sustainability journey, look no further than Tahche Studios. As a premier provider of fashion offshoring services, we can connect you with skilled artisans from the Philippines who will bring your customized fashion visions to life. Rest assured, their expertise and meticulous attention to detail ensure that your pieces are crafted to last for decades. That’s the Tahche Studios promise.

Don’t hesitate—reach out to us today and make fashion sustainability your reality.

Roseanne Cruz

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